Should I Get a Yearly Physical? Yes and Heres Why! – Free Health Videos

al in regulating several hormonal functions, balances hormones and improving testosterone levels in females.

The blood is a reservoir for two types of testosterone. Free testosterone that does not bind to proteins, and bound testosterone which can adhere to proteins, including albumin and the blood’s male hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The test is used by medical professionals to identify underlying problems in patients with abnormally elevated and/or low testosterone levels.

There are many factors that can trigger an individual’s testosterone levels to drop. Depending on what they believe to be the problem the doctor could prescribe multiple tests. In order to determine if there is the presence of high testosterone levels or low levels, a doctor will first perform a physical exam.

Before ordering the test for blood, the doctor might inquire about the patient’s medical history and the current medication. The blood test is performed using a tiny needle. Doctors may suggest that the patient stop the use of prescription drugs like androgen, estrogen therapy or other hormonal-altering drugs.

4. Dental Check-up

There is a possibility that you’re asking “Should I get an annual physical?” It’s important to remember the importance of having an annual check-up. It can allow your dentist to see whether there’s been change in your gums, or teeth since the last time you had a check-up. The aim is to find any indications of gum decay or tooth problems while they remain relatively minor issues.

The dentist will thoroughly examine the present state of any procedures you’ve undergone if you’ve had dental fillings or replacement. They will also check to see if the tooth is performing well. There is a good chance that your smile will last a for a lifetime thanks to such exceptional dental care. One other question you might be wondering is “Should I schedule a routine exam?” Is that an annual dental check-up also helps in early detection


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