What is Server Latency? – Global World of Business

Layout between various hardware parts including personal computers or servers.

Server latency, also called network latency, or server latency, occurs by hardware and software communicating via the internet. Imagine you’re playing a gaming online that is competitive. The game’s information and game play data is processed through servers rather than being processed by your personal computer. The game takes time to allow the servers and your personal hardware to cooperate and to exchange information and result in network delays.

Server latency is affected by many different things like your internet connectivity. The hardware also has a part to play, including both your device as well as the servers of whichever organization is hosting the online game. A better hardware will often produce less lag.

Higher latency may be caused by the distance between your server and your computer. The latency may be higher when you live located in Nebraska but the server is in Miami. It’s a fact that more latency equals better.


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