What to Look for in a Tax Relief Company – Finance Training Topics

ble. Before you hire an organization to help with tax Here are some of the things you should ask.

Before you do that, it is important to inquire with the person if they’re legally authorized to be employed by the IRS. There are three kinds of experts who are eligible to practice before the IRS that are licensed: a CPA or tax lawyer, or a licensed enrolled agent. If your tax relief agent doesn’t meet one of these three categories, they are not licensed to represent you.

Then, review the practice of these individuals. How did they go about it? What is the number of cases he/she handled? Which percentage of cases were won? Even though someone is licensed to practice law this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are qualified enough to manage your particular case. Inquire with the person you talk to if they are going to handle your case personally or hand the case to someone else. It is important to investigate the person who is going to personally manage your case.

You have many other questions you may want to ask prior to hiring the tax relief business. Watch the video below for additional details.


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