The Best Upgrades for Home Value – Interstate Moving Company

The theory is that homes fitted with dresser cabinets can bring in an additional $1500.

Now, the issue is what are the cabinets in your kitchen good enough to yield this kind of incredible return? You should contact an experienced cabinet maker in order to provide your kitchen with a brand new design. You can be sure that you’ll recoup part or the whole refurbishing expense when you sell the house.

6. Repair Your Fence

There is something missing if you’re not thinking of building fences, or if your existing fence is not in good condition. Fences can be used for a variety of uses, even though it’s simple. Fences can boost the security as well as privacy in your home. Additionally, it will enhance your home’s general curb appeal and make it appear cleaner and more valuable. This is a great option to increase the value of your home.

Remember, a fence is part of the landscaping project. The Home Light Q2 survey shows homes with perfect landscaping are sold for up to 10% higher than comparable houses. This makes the perfect opportunity for homeowners to consider fencing before listing the house on the market.

You should definitely consider repairing your fence to ensure it is in good shape. A lot of potential buyers are interested in safety and privacy. If potential buyers are concerned about their security, fencing is an excellent indicator that it’s secured. Make sure you are aware prior to listing your home for sale if your fence requires repair.

7. Check Your Gutter for Clogs

Gutters can also increase curb appeal which will have an impact on prospective buyers’ impressions. If the gutters in your home aren’t functioning properly, it can decrease the worth of the house. It is crucial to maintain your gutters regularly for increasing the value of your house. This means fixing or replacing gutters that are clogged.

A clogged gutter can hinder the water flow to your property, leading to many structural damages. The blocked gutters may also lead to digestive issues.


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