A Guide to Golf Cart Maintenance – Outdoor Family Portraits

The owners manual provides all the information you need about your golf cart operation and its maintenance. Remember these guidelines for maintenance to your mind while making the switch to turn on your golf car.

In addition, always take a trip up and down on a slope straight, and not at an angle. This will reduce the likelihood of your golf cart sliding or falling over. You should limit the number of sudden or sharp stoppages. They could result in damages to the golf vehicle and even injury to others.

Always charge your batteries before using a battery-powered golf cart. When handling lead-acid battery, use gloves that are protective. If the water levels inside the batteries you have in place drop, top up by using distilled water until you reach the appropriate levels. Use a 1:4 baking soda to water solution to cleanse your battery’s connections.

For gas-powered golf carts, switch off the engine and then let it cool before refilling the fuel tank. Fuel-acid batteries as well as fuel should be cleared away immediately. Maintenance of your golf cart also includes making sure the tires are inflated to the appropriate level. o6p7wiocxn.

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