How to Find Workers Through the H-2B Visa Program – Morgantown WV Business News

The amount of companies processing H2B visas has increased in recent times to allow for immigration of non-immigrant temporary workers into the United States. After your company is certified to recruit H-2B workers for seasonal and temporary jobs, foreign candidates can be discovered.

If you are given the National Prevailing Wage Center determination of the prevailing wage it is possible to start searching for foreign-born workers who are eligible to join your organization. It is possible to do this by forming and recruiting an international labor recruitment company. Only valid FLRs can be located in the Foreign Labor Recruiter List published by the Office of Foreign Labor Certification.

After you’ve made an agreement with the recruiter from abroad, you can start making contact. The fee for H-2B visas was set at $460 for January 2021, discounted by $190 in case you have to obtain one at the U.S. embassy or consulate out of the country.

Visa holders with H-2B must have a minimum work time of 35 hours per week. They are also paid overtime, just like those employed in the domestic workforce. The H-2B worker is essential to the American workforce.


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