The Cutting Edge to Aluminum

Precision cutting tools

Aluminum cutters are one of those tools where you have no choice, but to go for the best as aluminum is an integral metal of this industrial era. Considering the variety of uses that metals are exposed to, precision cutting tools hold an exceptional place as any rough edge can be a recurring and perpetual liability.

Aluminum is, perhaps, the most widely used metal on earth. Its uses are endless and as diverse as it can get as it is used for home, transport, electrical, and constructional purposes, and in a range of other departments with the most basic use of aluminum being the aluminum foil, and the most complex being its aid in manufacturing airplanes and skyscrapers. With a requirement list like that, one can easily predict aluminum as the be all and end all element of human civilization.

As aluminum is used for such varied objectives, it requires many variants in its cutting process to suit each requirement. A fine method of aluminum cutting is by the use of ball end mill. A ball end mill facilitates in immaculately milling contoured surfaces, pocketing and slotting. It also helps in creating curves for molds and dies. Apart from that, there is a plethora of other essential aluminum cutters as well such as corner radius and corner chamfer, corner rounding, keyway, roughing, square and taper end mills each having its own forte.

The ceaseless metallurgical research has also provided us with enough improvements and advancements to make flawlessly tailored products. One such improvement is the introduction of the hollow shank tool holders also known as the HSK tool holders. In comparison to the traditional cat 40 tool holders, the HSK remains a new face in the aluminum cutters industry. Thus, it also carries lack of awareness and misconceptions tagged with it. Although it has been widely accepted by the European markets, it is yet to find the same acceptance on American soil.

As you can see, aluminum cutters stand as a stepping stone not only in the manufacture of aluminum, but also the eventual innumerable articles that heavily rely on it.

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