Keeping A Drug Free Policy At Work Can Help To Avoid Many Problems

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It is estimated that over 22 million Americans age twelve and up have used some form of illicit drugs in a one month period prior to the survey being conducted in 2011 and this makes it more important than ever to have a drug free policy at work. The sad truth about drug use is that thirty one million Americans and eleven and a half percent of part time workers partake regularly which is why you need to have a drug free policy as a defense against this ill behavior creeping its way into your business. By having a no nonsense drug free policy and coupling it with other ways of filtering out riff raff such as performing criminal background checks and doing a regular drug screening Houston business owners can maintain a safer business.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that twenty percent of people on the work force have been forced to cover for a coworker, redo their work, work harder in general, or have been put in a dangerous situation all because of that person’s excessive drinking and your drug free policy needs to cover this as well. Not all drugs that will be covered on your drug free policy have to be illegal as there are substances that can easily be obtained with a prescription or at a liquor store that are just as easily abused. For instance, Vicodin is a prescription narcotic drug and is also the one that is the most frequently abused.

By making employees take a mandatory drug test houston business owners can know right from the beginning whether or not someone is trying to hide something. Through your drug free workplace policy, you can continue to keep those working for you from hiding anything else. With the right drug free program and random testing to back it up, your building will be safer than ever.

A drug free workplace is a more productive one. It also goes without saying that your employees will be less of a danger to themselves or others if they are not under the influence. This can help you to have a more productive company.

The truth is that there is no room for drug abuse at work. Employees are there to do a job and should be able to perform at full capacity. Keeping the workplace drug free will ensure that everyone is more productive.

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