Germs Lurking In Your Water Cooler

Bottleless water dispensers

Eew. You know that water cooler at work? The one where you and your coworkers hang out next to, refilling your water bottle dozens of times a day? Well, according to a Tufts University study, your water cooler could be teeming with bacteria. In fact, up to four times more than the 500 organism limit that the government recommends. So what do you do with this information? Consider a filtered water cooler or bottleless water cooler.

Water is the source of life, which is why we all love it so much. But water purification has come a long way. In fact, the inventor of the first water fountain thought up the device as a result of his father developing typhoid fever from contaminated water. Ideally, then, a filtered water cooler would eliminate all of the potential contaminants in your drinking water. One method, reverse osmosis, can remove up to 90 percent of inorganic chemicals that shows up in our drinking water, including nitrate, iron, copper, lead, mercury, and arsenic, among other things.

A filtered water cooler such as bottleless water dispenser or bottleless water coolers aim to eliminate this bacteria by getting rid of the bottle all together. Not only are these types of filtered water coolers cheaper to operate and better for the environment, but a point of use water cooler transfers the water directly from the source (faucet), purifies it, and delivers it directly to your bottle. As a result of this type of filtered water cooler, there is no cumbersome tank to struggle with, nor is there water that has been sitting in a tub for who knows how long!

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