Az auto glass

Things happen.

With a windshield, a lot can happen. Loose stones kicked up from the car ahead of you. A fly ball clears the backstop but not your windshield. Aunt Nellie drops a beer bottle on your car at the family reunion. Aliens test your windshield for strength on a moonless night. You are ready for Arizona auto glass help or the assistance of glass repair Phoenix.

Did you know that although the first cars were built in the late 1800s, no automaker installed a windshield until 1904? Until that point, motorists and their passengers wore googles to keep keep the bugs and dust out of their eyes. They also kept their mouths closed. They did not need glass repair Phoenix.

In Arizona, auto glass repair Phoenix can help. Many windshields can be filled and sealed instead of replaced by auto glass Phoenix, but if the crack is beyond fixing, windshield replacement phoenix can be consulted for auto glass repair Phoenix.

The word “window” comes from Scandinavia, where “vindauga” meant “wind eye,” more or less. The first glass was made 2,200 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia by heating crushed quartz to glaze earthenware vessels. Today we have glass on all the walls of our homes, with windows that are single hung, double hung, sliding and casement types.

And things happen there, too. You might need some help from glass repair Phoenix.

A paperboy with a really bad aim. A line drive from the yard. Aunt Nellie tossing a beer bottle at Uncle Ned standing in front of the picture window. Farsighted aliens who came in the front door without opening it.

Luckily, many window repair phoenix dealers can help.

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