The Subtlety of Microgreens

Micro greens

Professional chefs and amateur cooks, alike, will go to great lengths to not only make the most scrumptious meals, but to serve dishes that are aesthetically pleasing. As such, there are all types of garnishes that professional cooks use to make their dishes as pleasing to the as at they are to the palette. Some excellent options for spicing up any dish are microgreens, basil crystals, sugar flowers, candied flowers, and other edible flowers. Unlike garnishes such as parsley or lemon slices, micro greens and edible flowers do not only look great, they are can also be tasty.

It seems that a secret to some dishes is the way that the cook creates the perfect blend of sweetness, tang, and even a bit of spiciness. For instance, adding sugar flowers to a dish that is salty or spicy. One must be precise in order to create the ideal mixture of tastes, and the effect is subtle. However, this is the secret to some of the tastiest dishes. A good example of such a phenomena is salad dressing. Some of the best vinaigrettes offer such a combination that requires ingredients that are so disparate, they the uninitiated might consider them incompatible. However, combining vinegar, salt, garlic, and sweet syrups is typical to create a fine dressing. Thus, sugar flowers can have the same impact on dishes that include poultry, seafood, salads, and just about anything else one could imagine. In fact, sugar flowers, herb crystals and microgreens are so versatile, the limits of their use are only bound by the imaginations of the cooks.

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