Properly Manage Mobile Devices to Protect Important Information

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Recent research suggests that, in the United States, more than 230 million people over the age of 13, in the United States alone, use a mobile device. While some will simply use theirs to call and text their friends, and maybe even surf the web, others depend on devices that allow them to get work done from anywhere while on the go. If the latter is the case, and a user works for a company that has a comprehensive bring your own device plan, then a strong iPhone security program is imperative. If employees are constantly sending, receiving, and accessing important data, then the company will want to make sure that they have a security plan in place to prevent it from getting lost or stolen.

In a survey of more than 1,000 consumers by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, a fifth of people said that they will use a new iPad for business reasons. But while some might think that this means the employer who uses a BYOD model should pay for it, that is not the case. Half of companies require their employees to cover their own technology costs, which might seem troublesome, but most employees are actually compliant. But no matter who pays for the new phone or a tablet, mobile device management is a must for businesses who want to make sure their data stays secure.

At times, employees will want to make sure that they have phones that are set up similarly, if not exactly the same, in order to make sure that they are all working with the same set of tools and have an equal ability to solve problems. If that is the case, then using Apple Configurator, a great tool for iphone management that can configure up to 30 different devices at once, is a good idea. It is a great tool for IT professionals who are in charge of managing phones or even just employees who do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up their phone.

Though BYOD models and iPhone security have lots of practical use in the business world, that is not the only place that they can be used. Nowadays, the BYOD model is becoming more and more popular in schools as well because it can benefit both school districts and students. It could help with everything from taking notes to better organizing homework assignments, allowing students to focus more on actually learning and less about struggling with being prepared.

As smartphones and tablets continue to gain popularity, the amount of data that is shared on them will also increase. That means that the need for iphone security that prevents valuable information from getting lost or stolen is going to continue to grow as well.

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