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TMJ pain is not something you ought to be suffering from. Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck discuss their TMJ treatment you could perform at home.

Place soothing massage oil or vegetable oil onto your fingertips. Your fingers should be placed at the bottom of your skull. They should be on the opposite side. Then slowly lift your cheeks upwards, and push the skin inwards.

The next exercise is to apply your fingertips to either temple. Continue pushing the skin inwardly and upwards. This is also a good exercise for headaches. Many TMJ sufferers suffer from headaches.

Another way to practice is pushing the tips of your initial three fingers towards the jaw line where it faces your skull. Inwardly push and then slowly drag your fingers downwards.

The final exercise is to create fists with your hands and massage the surface of your TMJ joint using slow half circles. The goal is to massage your TMJ joint with your fingers, but it is acceptable if the cheekbones are touched. Repeat this motion and this time with your mouth fully open. Keep this action for a half-circle along your temples.

Every exercise is able to be done for 30 to 60 seconds twice a day. j5vahhhkqy.

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