Car Crash Tests Need an Update – Daves Auto Glass Repair

updated? Over the years, they aren’t. The assumption is that cars have been getting safer with the number of safety features and the increase in safety scores. In reality, 38,000 people lost their lives from motor vehicle crashes in 2020 , just in the United States alone. It’s a shocking figure. This is a good time to change how we think about safety in vehicles.

Each auto mechanic’s company can claim that every car has its own unique characteristics. Security features should not be standard features designed to simply add to a car’s description. They have to provide genuine benefits in terms of safety for people who are riding in the vehicle. This is why we use crash tests. But these tests they are not accurate.

Tests for crash aren’t reliable because they weren’t created for women. The tests were developed way back then by male-dominated boards. Women are, however, more prone to being involved in car accidents. They are actually 73% more likely men to suffer injuries and 17 percent more likely they’ll be killed. It’s not something you should do lightly. This is why auto crash tests must design female dummies in order to get the most accurate ratings for safety.


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