Should You Be Worried About This Bug on Your Trees? – Maine’s Finest

In the case of tons of non-biodegradable garbage into our environment. Nature is constantly at the forefront of our thinking as a nation and an entire community. The environment can be protected by caring for the parks in your neighborhood or your backyard. Owners of homes should be mindful of trees and their gardens in the closeness of their hearts. Beetles were found as a significant threat to trees throughout the United States about 10 years in the past. Does this pose a risk that which we need to worry about? In this video, you will learn about the emerald ash borer and what it is doing to cause damage across America’s trees.

Emerald Ash Borer is popular for its habit of laying eggs inside bark cracks in trees. The larvae can cause serious damage to the vessels that store nutrients, leading it to become dead. With the help of a spike researchers have achieved significant technological advancements that may help in resolving this issue. These treatments can be costly however it’s worthwhile to have peace of mind in knowing the ash borer will not be able to infest the trees in your yard and that you aren’t required to contact a tree service for tree removal.


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