A Guide to Excavation – EDUCATION WEBSITE

Rs uses it on a myriad of projects.

Excavation refers to the act of shifting earth or rocks with handheld tools, heavy equipment like bulldozers and excavators and even explosives. It is used to dig trenches, establish excavations to fix pipes, or to do underground construction like mining.

The process of excavation could involve cutting or filling. To lower the area’s height, cutting is when earth is removed. Filling exactly as it sounds like that is filling the area with earth and dirt for more height.

Clearing is another option, that is the removal and destruction of plants on the area of construction. Trees, shrubs, and other plants will be cleared to make way for the construction project to commence. Grubbing is another process which involves the removal of roots from trees and dirt that is loose.

All this is vital to establishing a level area that is able to hold a structure. For additional information about excavation, and methods employed to do it, check out the video in the link below.


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