The Most Creative Way to Prevent Squirrels From Stealing Bird Seed – Entertainment Videos

It’s amazing to watch birds fly majestically through the air and then land elegantly on the branches. Bird feeders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. The bird feeder will help you attract many more birds. If you put your bird feeder in a convenient place such as in front of a window, you will be happy to see birds up real close to your property. However, squirrels also love birdseed. They are a bother to a lot of people. One squirrel could clear of a whole bird feeder within a single day. It is possible to contact one of many squirrel removal companies. But one person made a decision to take the matter by himself. The video shows how one man set up an obstacle course to deter squirrels from getting bird seed.

Mark Rober is a retired NASA engineer. He has a knack for exploring the boundaries of his thinking. Who would have believed that an obstacle course designed for squirrels is the best solution to them stealing your bird seed? They can be very clever creatures. They’re also agile. There are some of them managed to conquer the challenges or completely bypass them. You’ll be amazed by how much they are able to do with food.


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