Choosing Between Assisted Living or Nursing Homes – Outdoor Family Portraits

G offers residential care while nursing homes provide care in a setting that is a clinic.
If you have a loved one who can be independent and does not require constant medical care, then assisted living could be the most suitable option. Assisted living facilities aim to assist with the day-to-day things of life while helping the elderly maintain an optimum level of independence. Certain facilities also provide the services of memory care for people suffering from dementia.
In assisted living facilities those who are elderly are provided with numerous recreational services apart from personal care as well as medical and support with household chores. The National Center for Assisted Living, (NCAL) states that the US contains 918,700 assisted residents. The average assisted living stay lasts 22 months and the average nursing home stay of 835 consecutive days. If you need help in a situation of assisted living, call an assisted living facility that which you can count on.

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