How to Install an Interior Door Lock – Interior Painting Tips

lace for the cylinder of the deadbolt, by drilling a hole in the door. Next, take a look at the door’s narrow surface and keep a note of the hole where the bolt should through. Also, you should create a hole within this area. To ensure a straight and level hole, ensure that your drill is straight and level. Safety glasses are recommended to protect your eyes from any pieces of wood which could accidentally strike you.

When you’ve made into the door, place the bolt in that hole. Use the Phillips or flathead screwdriver to fix the bolt. Once it is in place, put on the cylinder portion of the deadlock starting at the outside of the lock, and then working towards the inside. When you’ve got the parts ensure that the bolt can be removed and inserted quickly. Lastly, fix your strike plate onto the mechanism that locks it with screws. gz5p56h49y.

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